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Self-Worth, a Gift Worth Giving

Gifting courageous women on your behalf

For many of us 2020 has been a difficult year. It has raised awareness of how linked we are to one another and how our actions truly matter. In this understanding of oneness, this crisis has also highlighted the crucial importance of taking time for ourselves and how by taking care of ourselves, we could better take care for others.

It Is only when we pay attention to our own well-being and needs, when we act with self-appreciation, that we can listen, support and care for others. And become a source of beautiful and selfless generosity and altruism.

And if there is something we have all felt, it is that we are, all of us, so interconnected, for better or worse.


But the COVID crisis has also brought to the surface the vast inequalities faced by many that can lead to untold, and too often silent, suffering.Women particularly tend to suffer most in such times, as demonstrated by the shocking increase in domestic abuse in the past months. Often, this abuse, whether it is psychological, financial or physical, also destroys the victim’s self-image, self- confidence and their deeper sense of self-worth.

It takes an incredible amount of courage to escape from an abusive environment, and from there, it requires outstanding strength to rebuild one’s self-love and appreciation.

This is a topic that strongly resonates with us as a family and as a team; and we want to help. With you.We want to recognize, in our own little way, our admiration for these women’s courage.

We want to offer something so trivial at first glance, yet that can truly help as they slowly embark on their long journey to regain their confidence and self-esteem. Because, by taking care of themselves, it unconsciously signals to them that they are worth all these “little” things that can make them feel good and beautiful.

So this winter season, we have partnered with women shelters and support organizations in the UK and Switzerland to provide the courageous women they work with “A New Beginning” sets. How do you help?

We will donate, on your behalf, for every giftset you purchase, one “A New Beginning” skin set. So together we can be an encouraging hand In their first steps to rebuild their lives. It may not be much, but hopefully it can be another small helping hand to encourage them to confidently say again


”I am worthy of care and of love”.

In Switzerland, donations in your name will go to AVVEC 

AVVEC (Aide aux Victimes de Violence En Couple) supports more than 800 women victims of domestic violence per year in the canton of Geneva. The association's mission is also to educate public opinion and professionals on this issue so that domestic violence is no longer a taboo or inevitable.


and to Malley Prairie Foundation 

The fact violence exists, doesn't make it acceptable. 


Malley Prairie has been helping victims of domestic or family violence in the canton of Vaud for 40 years, through support, outpatient consultations and accommodation (only for women with or without children).


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In the UK, donations in your name will go to SAVERA UK

SAVERA UK campaigns to eliminate ‘honour’-based abuse and harmful practices and provide life-saving services to those at risk, regardless of age, culture, sexuality or gender.

Established in 2010, we are a leading charity tackling culturally-specific abuse in the UK, including forced marriage and female genital mutilation. We advocate for those who need a voice and offer a completely confidential and non-judgemental service.

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