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Discover our limited edition spring giftsets

and treat yourself with a radiant skin for spring! 

You were impatiently waiting for them ... they are back! We are pleased to present our 3 new spring sets available as from 260CHF. Our spring sets create the ultimate Dr. LEVY Switzerland® skincare experience whilst being inclusive, accessible, and suitable for all skin types, tones, and genders. The highly sought-after product range has been formulated to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin from within as we transition from season to season, with products that deliver an instant glow, a more youthful appearance, and radiant and plump skin. Experience the magic of Dr. LEVY Switzerland® in a matter of weeks and offer your skin a renaissance.

Dr Levy - 10.jpg

Coffret Eye Magician - 260chf

Dr Levy - 11.jpg

Coffret Needle Free - 550chf

Dr Levy - 12.jpg

Coffret Time Reverse - 399chf 

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