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The stress of 2020 shows on your face? Let's erase it together!  


cruelty free

paraben free

all skin types

all genders


for CHF 99.- (90£ )only!

This kit contains:

1 Radical3 Reboot Pro Peel 50ml

1 3Deep Cleanser 20ml

1 Eye Booster Concentrate 3ml

1 Activator Serum 4ml

3 Sachets of R3 Cell Matrix Mask

1 Mini Towel Dr. LEVY Switzerland

1 Erase 2020 Sticker

Erase 2020 peel with doodle.png

About Mr.PEEL:


3 peeling actions:

1. Triple acid peel (Concentration> 10%, pH 3.5):

  • AHAs : Glycolic acid dissolves the inter-cellular "glue" to allow better product penetration. Meanwhile, mandelic acid, known for its unique anti-ageing and antibacterial properties, eliminates impurities and toxins stuck into the stratum corneum.

  • Hibiscus flower acid : a new generation of flower acid, it is highly concentrated in AHA and pyruvic acid and can powerfully stimulate the epidermis cellular renewal.

  • BHA from Black Willow Bark extract, a plant rich in salicylic acid without the irritant effects. It fights inflammations and microbes, while promoting the production of new protective skin cells.

2. Pomegranate enzyme peel which gently exfoliates the stratum corneum and helps re-oxygenate the surface cells.

3. Exfoliating peel of concentrated 10% cellulose grains to effectively unclog pores and powerfully extract impurities.


3 regenerative actions:

1. Renews the skin's defense thanks to a powerful complex combining pre- and pro-biotics.

2. Soothes deeply thanks to the combined anti-inflammatory action of aloe vera and provitamins B5.

3. Plumps and nourishes the skin via a "moisture-capture" complex combining hyaluronic acid and Saccharide Isomerate.


3 application methods:

1. Gentle exfoliation: apply to damp skin using circular movements. Rinse.

2. Intensive peeling: apply to dry skin using circular movements, several times on each area. Rinse.

3. "SkinDeep" mask: apply to dry skin as an intensive peel. Wait 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

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