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Eye Magician Spring set

>> Includes:

  • Eye Booster Concentrate 15ml

  • R3 Cell Matrix Mask 50ml

  • 3DEEP Cleanser 20ml

  • Mini Booster Serum 4ml


Give the skin around your eyes a little love with the Dr. LEVY Switzerland® exclusive Eye Magician gift set. Hailed as the 'best thing since Botox,' the set contains the Intense Stem Cell Eye Booster Concentrate packed with plant derived Argan CDV, which manufactures collagen and elastin to maintain skin density, strength, and resilience. Before application, use the 3DEEP Cell Renewal Micro-Resurfacing Cleanser to cleanse and prepare the skin. For an airbrushed look, apply the R3 Cell Matrix Mask and contour the skin around the eyes, cheek bones, side of the mouth, upper lip and across the frown line. Expect to see results just 20 minutes after application!

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only  260CHF! 

The video tutorial:

coming soon...

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