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This summer, your skin is your best asset!

#No Foundation

We have prepared an exclusive set with the 3 skincare products that you need, during the summer, to have healthy and radiant skin ... Without foundation.


NoFoundation Packshot.jpg

The R3 Cell Matrix Mask (50ml)

  • Dubbed "the wrinkle eraser" by the press, this mask acts simultaneously on three fronts simultaneously anti-aging, and can be applied only on four parts of the face and body. In just 20 minutes, the skin appears more supple and smoothed, the complexion regains its radiant and unified glow.

  • For skin as soft and plumped as that of a baby

Booster Serum_transp.png

The Booster Serum (15ml)

  • It contains an ultra-concentrated dose of ArganCDV, an ingredient exclusive to Dr. LEVY Switzerland® and a powerful stimulator of your dermal stem cells - the sources of all your collagen.

  • To nourish, rejuvenate and smooth your skin durably



The Regenerating Silk (50ml)

  • This unique and creamy texture balm contains our internationally patented formula, ArganCellActiv®, the first cosmeceutical complex to renew dermal stem cells in vitro,

  • As well as our exclusive StressCellRepair complex which helps repair DNA damaged by UV rays and protect the key cells of the skin's rejuvenation system from environmental stress and free radicals. Its cell DNA repairing endonuclease technology received the 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

  • To mattify and sublimate your complexion


Decolletage Regenerating Silk_transp.png
R3 Mask square.png
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