The product :

Probably the most powerful cosmeceutical triple peel.

The Radical3 Reboot Pro Peel combines 3 peeling actions, 3 anti-aging regenerative actions, applies to 3 treatment areas and can be used according to 3 application protocols.

It is the perfect product for a deep reboot of the skin, without side effects and in complete comfort.

After a single application, the skin appears more radiant, the texture is visibly smoothed, wrinkles are reduced.


3 peeling actions:

1. Triple acid peel (Concentration> 10%, pH 3.5):

  • AHAs : Glycolic acid dissolves the inter-cellular "glue" to allow better product penetration. Meanwhile, mandelic acid, known for its unique anti-ageing and antibacterial properties, eliminates impurities and toxins stuck into the stratum corneum.