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Time Reverse Spring set 

>> Includes:

  • Eye Booster Concentrate 15ml

  • Booster Serum 15ml

  • R3 Cell Matrix Mask 50ml

  • Radical3 Reboot Pro Peel 50ml

  • 3DEEP Cleanser 150ml

  • Mini Deluxe Enriched Booster Cream 4ml

For the ultimate at-home experience, the Time Reverse gift set includes a full skincare regimen of award-winning Dr. LEVY Switzerland® products that help revitalise and boost collagen, for results like no other. Prepare, cleanse, purify, and treat your skin to help reboot lacklustre complexions. The Dr. LEVY Switzerland® stem cell treatments trigger the creation of essential elastin and collagen, resulting in 100% hydration within minutes and 26% reduction in the depth of fine lines, in just eight weeks. Leave your skin looking and feeling incredible and full of hydration with the Time Reverse gift set.

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only 399CHF  

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